30 Questions to Investigate Your Child’s Beliefs

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How many times have you looked into your child’s eyes and said “I love you”? How many times have you watched your child disappear behind those big school doors and thought to yourself, ‘I hope they will survive the challenges that life has in store for them’? How many times have you cuddled your child to sleep, hoping he or she will have a happy and purposeful life lived to their full potential? I am convinced the answer is an infinite number of times! But what gives us permission to make those choices that allow us to live life passionately or indifferently, purposefully or without direction, actively or inactively? What gives us permission to make the choices that allow us […]

Meet our guest expert on kids, parenting and family- Veronica Owusu

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I’m excited and honored to introduce to you our guest expert on kids, parenting and family for EverythingBabyandMore. Veronica Owusu is a blogger and speaker  The Gold Mine Treasure,  a teacher, a writer, life coach, motivational speaker, and a mom! A mom of a 2 year old! Yes amongst the other things that makes me very happy because she can understand when we say “my child says she can’t wear her socks when I know she can, how can I encourage her?” Veronica usually writes motivational/inspirational articles about finding happiness in the NOW, Enlightenment, Self-Awareness, Consciousness and most importantly, the Law of Belief and eliminating Limiting Beliefs and replacing them with Empowering Beliefs in order to create a reality of […]