Breastfeeding as a First Time Mother – Sheena Schwartz

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When my son was 1 week old I started going to a support group called La Leche League (LLL) and talked to other women who were in the same position as me – struggling with breastfeeding. Any issue you can think of, someone there was going through it – inverted nipples, cracked sore nipples, painful latch, low supply.  Just going back to the group each week and discussing my pain and struggles gave me the strength I needed to make it through to the next week.  I had developed a bleb on my right nipple. It basically looks like a pimple on your nipple. (Talk about painful!) Our LLL leader suggested pumping on that nipple and nursing on the other while […]

Veronica’s Story

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Name: Veronica Age: 30 Number of kids: 2 Hospital & country of delivery: Pisam (Abidjan, Ivory Coast); Lister (Accra, Ghana) What your journey to becoming pregnant? Was it easy? We are one of those lucky couples that get pregnant whenever we decide to. I am a very fertile soil 🙂 One day we just decided that we should have our first kid and we did. We are a no-nonsense kind of couple 🙂 Then we moved to Ghana, I could not find a job and wanted to pop all my babies before 30, so we got pregnant a second time. It was all very logical 🙂 Did you deliver on your expected due date? Which hospital did you use and what did you […]

My First Birthing experience – Kwame Nkum

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34 year old father of 3 We were sure we were prepared. We had watched YouTube videos, read books, and gone through multiple to-do lists. We had gone over the sequence of events that occur during childbirth and researched how the contractions are supposed to occur so that we would not be surprised by anything. Well, it turns out you can’t be prepared for your first time…or second or third in my case. Dorcas’ water broke earlier than we expected it to. Come and see panic! Her water broke at home and we lived 40 minutes away from the hospital. I called my mom and then my mother-in-law. I literally carried her to the car and drove frantically to our […]

Raising a Child in Ghana – Raul de Diego Brako, 35, Father of 1 

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What is it like raising a child in Ghana? It has its ups and its downs, but I think it is the ideal place to raise a child. She wakes up to sunshine almost every day. We are fortunate to have assistance from house helps or nannies. The cost of a good nursery or day care is also reasonable compared to the US for example where a lot of people can’t afford this, and so people have to make the decision to stay home instead of work. Also, contrary to what many people think, there are a lot of things to do in Ghana for kids if you look hard enough. What activities do you enroll your child in and […]