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Hi Mummys, I hv a 10 month old who won’t sleep through the night. He wakes up about 3 times n goes bk to bed on the breast. I’m trying to wean him off bm but he doesn’t drink from bottle no matter what we tried. So the issue is, if I succeed at weaning him, what does He drink when he wakes up at night?

A few things to consider: 

1. You can teach your baby the difference between day and night.

For the first few days you won’t be able to do much about this. But once your baby is about 2 weeks old, you can start teaching him to distinguish night from day. When he’s alert and awake during the day, interact and play with him as much as you can, keep the house and his room light and bright, and don’t worry about minimizing regular daytime noises like the phone, music, or dishwasher. If he tends to sleep through feedings, wake him up.

Don’t play with him when he wakes up at night. Keep the lights and noise level low, and don’t spend too much time talking to him. He should know night time is for sleeping. 

Always try look for sleep signals in your baby. Watch your baby for signs that he’s tired. Either he is rubbing his eyes, pulling on his ear, or being more fussy than normal? Try putting him down to sleep if you spot these or any other signs of sleepiness.

2. You can also consider a bedtime routine for your baby.

Adopt a consistent routine

The single most important thing about sleep training for babies is to put her in her crib when she is tired but still awake. This is the self-soothe before falling asleep. You can give a security object. This helps baby self soothe without me doing it for her. Wake baby up early and at a similar time every day. For those who do day care, this is much easier but since I am at home, this was something I needed to be cognizant of and remain consistent. Adopt a consistent nap schedule (2-3 naps of equal time) and never let her nap past 4pm.

Alternate between sitting in the room with baby and leaving the room for a few minutes, but do not pick her up when she cries. The first few nights we sat next to the crib for 10 minutes and then left the room for 10 minutes. Then 15 minutes, then 20 and so on. This way she knew we would be coming back. Eventually she would fall asleep.

Comments from the parents: 

Comment 1: He should now be on solids three times and day with snacks in between. If he is able to maintain this and have sizeable portions he will naturally wean off the breast himself. At 10 months he should be having at least 500ml of milk which includes any dairy ( yoghurt cheese etc). Also offer him water regularly with meals.


Comment 2: Don’t stress too much. Boys just like boobies. He will wean. Try sleeping in a separate room for a week to start. He knows you are there so the waking up isn’t really hunger as much as for comfort


Comment 3: I would give my son a good portion of cerelac before bed so I knew he was full and disappear once he was asleep


Comment 4: You’ll be alright. It’s not easy but the experience? Unforgettable and exciting! I didn’t have any help.. Learnt everything on the go.. From everythingbaby to google to phone calls.. Be tough.. God is your strength


Comment 5: With regards to sleeping through the night. This is the big problem. We train them to feed at night. Because when they wake up the first thing we think is oh they are hungry let me feed, but sometimes it’s just a cuddle they want or water or had a bad dream or has passed through them. As early as possible I say let’s put them on a sleep schedule. Meaning for example bath them at 5pm, give them their last feed after and perhaps read a book to them every night before bed. Then teach them to sleep by themselves (no carrying and rocking) unless you want to do that forever and have back pains.


Comment 6: I would suggest decide you don’t want your child waking up at night for a bottle Every time so slowly wean them out of that practice. Feed him well before bed and don’t encourage feeds at night. First wake can be a cuddle , second wake can be a cuddle again and before you know it it’s morning!! They won’t starve!


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