Penis growing inside my stomach ! My 2nd delivery experience – CHRISTAL BEEKO

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Yaaaayyyy I was pregnant again! Noooo I had to endure morning sickness again and the entire pregnancy journey is just not my thing. I don’t even have it bad and I get depressed just thinking about it. I mean who wants to feel sick 4 months straight! That taste in your mouth and just being tired ALL the time is just not my cup of tea. Fast forward through that depression to 16 weeks when I found out it was a boy!! Now all of a sudden there’s new excitement. I have a penis growing inside my stomach! Yikes! Lol no I don’t feel the actual penis in my stomach but there’s just this excitement about having a BOY!


With a girl as my first born the boy just completes my family. The few issues I faced along the way included nausea for an additional month as compared to my daughter. They say it’s because of my boys’ hormones.


I also kept getting contractions from 34 weeks going so my doctor advised that I take a steroid shot to speed up his lung development just incase he decided to come earlier than expected. That injection was so painful! In fact I saw stars and had to lie down for about 10 minutes before getting up to walk again. By 38 weeks doctor advised induction, because my contractions kept getting stronger and stronger but no baby was coming.


So again I had an induced labour scheduled for 9th December 2016 even though his due date was 25th December. Yes I know he would have been a Christmas baby! I’m glad he wasn’t though. 2 days before my induction I woke up from a bad dream. The dream was irrelevant but I got to sudden push to open an e book that has been sent by my best friend Michelle and sitting in my email for the longest time. The book is called Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize.


If you don’t have it, please buy it! I believe this book saved me. God bless you Michelle for sending me that book! To make a long story short it teaches you how to use faith and prayers to go through labour as painless as possible. That God created our body for this and it’s the fear of childbirth that makes it hurt so much. From that moment my entire perspective changed and the experience was incredible! Induction day -8th December 2016 I went in prepared as ever.


I was ready to conquer this especially after reading my supernatural childbirth book. I had my bags packed with my ‘peri’ spray bottle, big diaper underwear, my exercise ball, yes I was ready to exercise my way out of any discomfort. I had learned from Natalie, dearest sister from another mother, that the worst thing you can do is lie down and crouch while in pain. But the most important thing I had packed with me now was FAITH. Faith in the fact that this would be a smooth and painless delivery. The thought of an epidural didn’t even cross my mind. I was ready! By 2am I got my first induction and I hit play on my birthing playlist filled with relaxing worship songs and some r&b. I was bouncing and doing an eight on the medicine ball attempting to help my cervix dilate faster. Did you know that sometimes you can be induced and it won’t work? Gasp! There’s no way that was going to happen to me. I was certain because I was praying and begging God to see me through. In fact the book has prayers and scriptures that I followed. I started feeling some mild cramps and I thought yes I am finally dilating. By 4am my midwives came in and checked my dilation and I still hadn’t dilated. Oh no! At that moment I had another silent prayer that God please somehow you led me to read this book. Please give me some sign. Then I remember thinking ‘ok please the next time they come and check on me please let it be 5 cm dilated.’ So the midwife inserted the next dose of medicine at 4am and left hubby and i in the room. Oh as for him he was asleep in 5 min after the midwife left. Me on the other hand I continued exercising and immersed myself deep into prayer. I prayed for the babies head to be down and stay down, I prayed for the cord to not be around his neck, I prayed for my body to dilate with ease, I prayed for my vagina to receive his head without tearing. So step by step I prayed and soon the pains had increased. I thought ‘oh dear this book is not working’. Now hubby had woken up and was helping me and rubbing my back as I felt the pains 1 minute apart. At this point I’ve kicked my exercise ball out of the way. I’m pulling on my husband’s shirt while he holds be in a hug position and rubs my lower back. He’s showing me how to breath when the pain comes and goes. I’m getting frustrated because it’s hurting so bad and his method is not working. The doctor comes in and is happy about the moans I’m making from pain. Now apparently the induction is working. Eish! I didn’t even respond to what he said. Just kept focusing and praying. Finally the midwife comes in at 7.30am to check on me again. This time I’m borderline begging for the pain to just end. I had given up. I kept telling hubby ‘I can’t do it’ and remember dropping my head back as if oh then the movie director would come and say “cut! Let’s take that again!” Hmm there was no going back. Now this midwife had to check for dilation. I opened my legs and she literally stuck her entire hand in my vagina and when I say PAIN I mean I wailed for mercy. “Oh the head is right here. Tap tap. You are 5 cm dilated”! Amen! That was the sign. Did you hear her? She said 5cm not 3 or 8 but 5 just as I had prayed for. This is God at work! But I still had 5 more to go and they say usually an hour per centimeter of dilation. Mmmm I said no this baby is coming NOW! I need to poo. She said no you can’t do that madam. That’s probably the baby. They rushed me to the labour ward with me on a wheel chair saying “oh Jesus oh Jesus!” Hmm. Finally i got onto the delivery bed screaming and holding hubby’s hand. All of a sudden the worst of the worst happened! Are you ready for it? I had my first push and pooped all over the delivery table! Nooo! Now tell me how I stopped screaming in pain and looked at the 3 midwives on the receiving end asking in horror “did I just poop?! I’m so sorry!” They looked at me confused “madam push! Don’t worry push!” So I keep pushing and on the 3rd push I feel his head coming through my vagina and I see the midwives reach for him, turn him and pull the rest of his body out. Relief! This time they placed my baby on top of my stomach still attached to belly button! Awww he was perfect and I felt an immediate connection.



Love at first sight indeed! I smiled and knew what other mothers felt that I didn’t have the time to feel for my first birth experience. It was real, it was raw skin to skin contact. I didn’t have that with my first because she had the cord around her neck. Maybe that was the difference. Or maybe I was just more prepared this time. I was smiling and happy and in love immediately.


No it was that book! I had delivered supernaturally in Jesus name.. amen !

27 thoughts on “Penis growing inside my stomach ! My 2nd delivery experience – CHRISTAL BEEKO

  1. He’s perfect!!!! Congratulations! God has blessed you and your family! I learned the true meaning of “wo tri nkwa” a few weeks ago when I had my second. Carrying and birthing a child is a big deal! Wo tri nkwa! 😇

  2. This is awesome. We thank God,He is a prayer answering God. Imagine praying for 8cm? Boom!! God bless you and your family. Keep spreading and flourishing

    1. You can see I was in denial that my prayers were working. I didn’t want to ask for too much from God! Now I know next time I’ll just ask for 10cm! Boom! 😂😂

  3. Congratulations once again! Thank God for your life and that of baby’s . Question. Did you lie down to give birth ? I did that for my first but these days I see on social media that is not good for a woman to lie down to have the baby . Am wondering how the average nurses and mid wives will take it when you say “no no , I want it this way or that” . And how is Tess keeping up with MJ ? Ps: he’s super cute

    1. Thank you! Yes I lay on my back with my knees up, but as you push you automatically go into a sitting position. Err I wouldn’t want to stand. I was just in so much pain I wouldn’t be able to stand still and more over stand on the tile? So when the maybe comes out and is all slippery I should trust the midwife to catch my baby mid air? No thank you. But I do know that standing and walking around helps the baby descend. So I did that during the labour pains but when it was time I lay down and pushed like nobodies business.

      Tess is doing so well. Her name is Theresa so naturally she’s caring, loving and so helpful. Very protective of her little brother. It’s the cutest thing.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. I enjoyed all your blogs. I believe the supernatural is really the answer to safe delivery. I can’t wait to apply it when my time is due. God be my help!!! Congrats Christal, you have a beautiful family.

    1. Thank you precious! That supernatural book is indeed everything! I’ll be advance praying for your supernatural delivery.. Amen!

  5. I really enjoyed reading your post on childbirth. unfortunately, my 1st pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and I’m yet to conceive again. the book you referred to was recommended to me by a good friend about 2months ago and I have ordered it and yet to receive it. with your testimony, I can’t wait to receive my copy and read. I believe God will come through for me and my husband. thanks soo much for sharing your experiences and I look forward to reading many more of them :). God bless you.

    1. Aww sorry to hear that my dear! Yes that is your go to book I promise you! It saved me. You are already blessed IJN. Will keep more coming! Thanks for reading.

  6. Congratulations, wonderful birthing story God he never fails. I have two boys hoping for a girl when I start trying again. With lots of love from Namibia.

  7. I am so inspired by your posts. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful moments of your life with us. Hubby and I are trying to conceive and I can not wait to feel all these emotions. It doesn’t sound easy at all but God is always faithful. I am going to order the book on faith that ours is on the way!God bless your beautiful family

    1. Aww glad to hear! The book is also for conceiving so please read it as soon as possible. You won’t be able to put it down and it will change your life.

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