Natalie’s Pregnancy Experience

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Name: Natalie
Age:  28
Number of kids: 1 kid

Hospital & country of delivery: Medifem, Ghana;

  1. What your journey to becoming pregnant? Was it easy? Did you have any miscarriages or did you have to go through any fertility treatments to get pregnant? (Please share your experience and emotions about it and what helped you get through it)

Answer:  Luckily for me we got pregnant 3 months after marriage. We were more focused on enjoying our honeymoon rather than making a baby. Baby making can be fun and easy 1st by God’s grace and 2nd if it’s not your only focus

  1. Did you deliver on your expected due date? Which hospital and where you happy with their services?


Answer:  My adorable son was 10days late so I was induced. Medifem took good care of us.

  1. What was your birth plan and did it go according to plan on the D-day?

Answer: Not at all. I had researched about being induced but no amount of videos can prepare you the pain. Forced labour is PAINFUL

  1. Tell us your birth experience


Answer:  Dec 18, 2014 was induced at 4am, had breakfast chatted with family. Until the pain begun around 8am till baby popped out at 1:55pm. He was totally worth it.

  1. What fears did you have during labor?

Answer: The pain. I know all will be well though. God was my doctor. I knew mummy and baby will be just fine

  1. When you saw your baby for the first time, what emotions did you have?


Answer: Relief that it was over but I didn’t hold him till midwife took placenta out I gave him a quick kiss and he was taken away to get cleaned whilst dad concentrated on video

  1. What are some of things you didn’t know about labour that you ended up finding out the hard way.


Answer:  Keep breathing, save your energy for pushing. Only scream when necessary

  1. Is it all over after birthing? Are there any weird symptoms or experiences we should know about?


Answer: Everything was smooth sailing. My son was 4kg so I got cut a little. All healed perfectly

  1. What’s the most challenging thing you experienced in this whole process pregnancy, birthing and the aftermath?

Answer: Very little breast milk after delivery. I tried everything and finally had to resort to formula

  1. Last tips for expecting mothers

Answer: Stay calm and keep bonding with baby. Pray alot. All shall be we

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