My First Birthing Experience – Peter Osei, father of 2

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After waiting for nine months, the day finally came. However, before the day arrived, we went through a very painful experience. My wife did not throw up like most women, but she developed Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) during her second trimester. The pain was so severe that she could only sleep (if at all) upright on a sofa. So for 5 months she didn’t sleep on a bed.  Her hip would snap every time she tried to get up from bed. The sound of the snap was so loud that it sometimes actually woke me up from sleep.

Delivery day came on a normal Sunday. We were resting up for delivery day on Wednesday. We knew because it was a scheduled C-section. We were advised that that would be best because of my wife’s PGP. Besides, our baby was in breach position anyway. However, on that Sunday, God had other plans. I had just stepped out when my wife called to tell me that she hadn’t felt the baby moving all night. We rushed her to the hospital and when the doctors assessed the situation, they scheduled her to go under the knife three hours later.

My mother-in-law and I managed to pack and bring all the essentials for my wife. Three hours came by pretty quickly and my heart began to race. Although I was nervous, I decided to join my wife in the surgery room.

It was an experience! The doctors gave my wife the anesthesia and began cutting her open. They used all types of knives to cut her. The whole thing lasted for thirty minutes but felt like hours. After what seemed like eternity, they reached in for my daughter, and began to forcefully pull her out in what looked like a scary tug-of-war. It was as if she was stuck in there. During this time blood began to ooze out of my wife’s belly and I had to look away. There was so much blood on the floor that one of the doctors almost slipped. At some point, there was so much blood on the floor that the whole operation had to be stopped to clean it up.

A few minutes later they brought out my little girl, but she wasn’t crying. I think my heart stopped beating then. Then they put the oxygen mask on her and I heard that cry.



2 thoughts on “My First Birthing Experience – Peter Osei, father of 2

  1. Thank God for the life of the baby! All healthy and cute and blessed now. But would have loved if you had talked a little more about your wife after baby cried . How her recovery was , the loss of blood hope it didn’t cause anymore issues and other things but once again thank God for the life of both !!!!

  2. Wow. What an experience. It’s amazing to hear it from your perspective. And your narration though brief gives me a clear picture. Congratulations to both you and your wife. I pray your daughter is nothing short of a blessing and sunlight to you both.

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