My First Birthing experience – Kwame Nkum

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34 year old father of 3

We were sure we were prepared. We had watched YouTube videos, read books, and gone through multiple to-do lists. We had gone over the sequence of events that occur during childbirth and researched how the contractions are supposed to occur so that we would not be surprised by anything.

Well, it turns out you can’t be prepared for your first time…or second or third in my case.

Dorcas’ water broke earlier than we expected it to. Come and see panic! Her water broke at home and we lived 40 minutes away from the hospital. I called my mom and then my mother-in-law. I literally carried her to the car and drove frantically to our family hospital with my hazard lights on, honking like an idiot almost all the way there. It was our understanding that once the water broke we would have the baby out within an hour or two.

In the end, it took another 8 hours for my wife and I to hold the baby.  During this beautiful and memorable experience, I learnt to massage my wife, comfort her, feed her, and pamper her like I had never done before.  At a point she looked like she was out of her body with pains and screams. Possibly because it was her first, the contractions were particularly painful and I was there to go through the experience with her. She finally delivered a 4 kg baby to our amazement. I had never been happier and prouder in my life. I was exhausted and slept for half a day after that.

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