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I’m excited and honored to introduce to you our guest expert on kids, parenting and family for EverythingBabyandMore. Veronica Owusu is a blogger and speaker  The Gold Mine Treasure,  a teacher, a writer, life coach, motivational speaker, and a mom! A mom of a 2 year old! Yes amongst the other things that makes me very happy because she can understand when we say “my child says she can’t wear her socks when I know she can, how can I encourage her?”

Veronica usually writes motivational/inspirational articles about finding happiness in the NOW, Enlightenment, Self-Awareness, Consciousness and most importantly, the Law of Belief and eliminating Limiting Beliefs and replacing them with Empowering Beliefs in order to create a reality of self-fulfillment and success.

She’s an expert in Early Childhood Education, 3- 9 years old (over 10 years of experience in Poland and The UK) and is currently in the middle of her Personal Life Coach Training and will be an International Certified Personal Life Coach by the end of the year! AMAZING right!! Let’s ask her all the questions in the world!

Im happy to say that she’ll be contributing her articles about Kids, Parenting and Family, giving her opinions about our family topics and answer all your questions about raising kids, parenting etc.

Here’s Veronica’s Bio

Veronica was born and bred in Ghana. She holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and has taught children in Poland and the UK! Fascinated by The Law of Belief, Veronica has made it her mission to arm others with empowering beliefs. Veronica runs her own blog as a Personal Life Coach and is an Inspirational Blogger for the HuffingtonPost UK and as well as the creator of the online handbook, 22 Questions To Ditch Self-Limiting Beliefs. Veronica believes “Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive, It Can Achieve.”

Professional Experience

Teacher, Writer, Motivational Blogger and Speaker

Published Work (click for free download) 

22 Questions to Ditch Self-Limiting Beliefs 



Please help me welcome Veronica and by all means ask any questions you have in the comment section below.

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