Mariam’s Pregnancy Experience

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Name: Mariam
Age:  31
Number of kids: 2 kids

Hospital & country of delivery: Lister Hospital;
I was happy with everything honestly. Dr and nurses took good care of me and gave me all the attention I needed

  1. What your journey to becoming pregnant? Was it easy? Did you have any miscarriages or did you have to go through any fertility treatments to get pregnant? (Please share your experience and emotions about it and what helped you get through it)

Answer:  Getting pregnant for me was easy I thank God so much. First and second.  After Aiden I put in the IUCD and when I took it off I got pregnant immediately

  1. Did you deliver on your expected due date? Which hospital and where you happy with their services?


Answer:  I never delivered on expected date. For both pregnancies I delivered about 2 weeks early.

  1. What was your birth plan and did it go according to plan on the D-day?

Answer:  Birth plan was natural birth and thankfully both were natural.

  1. Tell us your birth experience


Answer:  It was tooooo painful! I wasn’t given any epidural so I felt every bit of pain. And since I was induced, contractions were even more painful. But in the end I made it!.

  1. What fears did you have during labor?

Answer:  Fears of my babies not coming out fully healthy, fears of me dying during labour since some mother’s do, fears of me tearing so badly, fears of me not being able to walk after

  1. When you saw your baby for the first time, what emotions did you have?


Answer: When I saw both Anela and Aiden, no one else existed to me but them at that moment. I immediately forgot all the pain. I knew the reason I was alive for.

  1. What are some of things you didn’t know about labour that you ended up finding out the hard way.


Answer:  I knew it was going to be so painful, just not that painful

  1. Is it all over after birthing? Are there any weird symptoms or experiences we should know about?


Answer:  After birthing, with Aiden I had the PUPPS for about 6months. Nothing took them away! They itched so badly I sometimes cried. They eventually disappeared on their own. My wrist also feels different after my first baby. It’s making a cracking sound now. Second baby, my hip pain was so bad for about 3 months. It went away on its own too. I just have this uncomfortable pain in my right knee till now.

  1. What’s the most challenging thing you experienced in this whole process pregnancy, birthing and the aftermath?

Answer:  Most challenging during pregnancy for the first Baby was understanding all these body changes and loving myself and my body. I was depressed and hated myself. My stretch marks made me cry every day. I was shy to take off clothes in front of my own husband during my last semester and after birth. I couldn’t understand why other women looked better than me after a baby. My other challenge was no sleep. It was so hard but I was able to make it. Another challenge was during my second pregnancy. I was always tired and working at the same time and had a toddler. It was hectic. After birth of my second baby Anela, trying to give my first boy enough attention to take away his jealousy at the same time giving attention to my new born and husband and home! Also the next day after birth I had to come home and cook because I had no one to take care of me or help me. No mom no in-law no one.. So I had to be strong and stand on my feet to take care of my family.

  1. Last tips for expecting mothers

Answer: Tip for mamas, just be strong, know that not all pregnancies, babies or bodies are the same. Love yourself always. Love your body for creating those precious angels, your belly was their home. Try not to stress about breast milk. Just drink as much water as possible and eat. Don’t worry about dieting immediately. Don’t panic about any small situation, it won’t get you anywhere. Try and stay focused. I panicked alot but it got me nowhere. If you’re uncomfortable during your pregnancy or after birth, don’t keep it in, talk to your hubby, or your friend, let it all out. Try and stay active, it helps. I won’t say get enough rest because that’s almost impossible. Try and rest when you can. 

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