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Ladies, let me talk to you for a minute. You know we (your husbands, fiancées, boyfriends) love you, but I want to address one troubling issue that I’m sure most men can relate to.

Let’s start by painting a picture.

Me: Behbeh, I’m ordering some food. What would you like?

Her: I’m not hungry. I don’t want anything.

The confirmation has been made very clear. Only one of us will be eating this food. I order my food and I am mentally rubbing my hands together in anticipation of my meal. I have made plans for this meal. I intend to enjoy every single bite of it myself since I have been informed that this will be a meal for one. The food arrives. I open it up, prepare to dive in, and then a fork (or spoon or hand) slides perplexingly out of nowhere and onto my plate…

What’s the idea behind the concept of taking a bite of our burger or taking a piece of our chicken or simply indulging in our meal when you vehemently replied “I’m not hungry” to the question “I’m ordering some food; what would you like?” Every time this happens to me, I remember an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where the fictional character Joey Tribbiani states that he doesn’t share his food. This becomes an issue for more than one woman in the episode, but I can completely empathize and I know I’m not alone. Some men have been known to get incredibly upset in such instances.

There are variations of this atrocious act. I have been told by some friends that their woman will say “I’m on a diet so I’ll have the salad” and then attack his meal once it’s laid in front of him. In that moment just put yourself in the place of your partner. Imagine just how irritating that can be. Based on my experiences and that of the people around me, I can safely say that men seldom eat off their partners’ plate. I say seldom because it was recently brought to my attention that there’s a man who does that to his wife. (To that man I say Daaaamnn you hurting us all man, STOP THAT!)

Now don’t get me wrong. This article does not pertain to a case where she’s hungry and you happen to have some food. By all means share that. I can even understand taking a bit from your significant other’s plate when you’re at a restaurant. You’re curious about what their food tastes like since it differs from yours, but making it a habit is where a line must be drawn.

I have pondered this deeply and I don’t think this is a matter of selfishness, but rather of a person being cheated of their sense of fulfillment after great anticipation. In most cases, when a man orders a meal, he has made a personal decision to be satisfied and consume all the food on his plate.

I honestly need to find a satisfactory explanation for why this happens, so I’d like to hear from you. Do you think your man is selfish simply because he does not want to share his food?

13 thoughts on “Eating off my plate – Martin Beeko

  1. Not at all selfish .. I don’t like sharing my food or my beverages either …If someone came and took a bite of my burger can put me off completely ! it actually siffs me out emensly !

    I can say I’m guilty of telling my husband I’m not hungry .. and stealing some of his fried rice .. but I wouldn’t go as far as stealing a piece of chicken too! That stuff is sacred! …UNLESS he didn’t tell me that he is ordering ! Then chale .. it’s free game !! Haha

  2. No, I don’t think we can call our men selfish just because they don’t want to share their food, especially when they asked us if we were interested before the order was made. And wow, the writeup depicts a painful experience for the men. And why not?! Anyone would be upset. When food is ordered, a mental picture is formed and it’s almost as if one’s stomach gets ready for each morsel. Now when there’s an interruption, a vacuum is created that can actually engender both hunger and anger, and their attendant delays and pangs (Anita’s science). Who wants to experience that ordeal? No one!!!
    On a lighter note, our men should perhaps (considering they hate this experience) order an extra plate (just half plate, maybe) even when we claim we’re not hungry. Sometimes we are truly not hungry until we see all that’s happening on your plate: the aroma; the burger; the chicken; the fries; the salad or whatever is on your plate; and finally the way you dig into it. Suddenly every munch becomes irresistible!!! And then we want to savour it too! 🙂 And well, for some women, they find this a beautiful bonding (sharing) experience with their men even though it is somewhat irritating. Hmm
    Women, let’s stop harassing our men by ordering our own plates. Men, kindly make room for our… “excesses”. 🙂

  3. Dear Martin …

    As a woman I am guilty as charged. I always take a bite of my hubby plate … and what is the problem? Your woman wants a bite of your food, then what? You will eat your food you have been dying to eat. Yes … she told you she does not want a burger … but she might want a bite. She is not going to order a full burger just for a bite 😇 She is not asking you for half your plate she is just trying it out. Maybe it is poisoned she needs to try it out 😆 She might be saving your life in the process ☺️
    And yes she is on a diet but proceeds to eat your fries … who is she on diet for? Not herself I can tell you that much. She is on diet for you dear man … to make you happy. So what if eating from your plate eases her guilty conscience? Let her 🙂 just do like my husband … he always orders more because he knows for a fact I will eat his food.

    And anyway, I am going to call on the ultimate reason why you should give your wife/gf/fiance a bite of your food. We are taking care of you guys on a daily basis!!! In small and big ways!!! As mothers of your children we have sacrificed our body and often our life in order to give you your sons/daughters. So damn it! We deserve that bite. Deal with it 🙂 and order more food next time.

    And lets never forget … Sharing is caring 🙂 and we all know you men love and care for us much more than you show 🙂 so start sharing 🙂

  4. I do this ALL THE TIME!! Lol. I won’t say men are selfish by doing and honestly I can’t explain why we do that. I see it as we do it because we love you and juts like to share your things with you. I usually do that because I want to taste the food keke or the way my husband is eating it makes It look so delicious that it tempts me to have some. Honestly when we say we are not hungry it’s the truth but seeing you eat just makes us want to join in the fun! Lol

  5. I think it’s romantic. Lol. And when I ask for a bite off that juicy burger, I mean feed me, whiles at it, please wipe that savory sauce dripping down my chin! Thank you darling! 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Well when my man and i eat out, we like to order different dishes we really want to try and then share…he eats a bit off my plate and i eat a bit off his. That way we can both say we have tasted both dishes before…i encourage him to eat off my plate though but he doesn’t like that very much…then again he hates being spoon-fed too hahahaha

  7. We can’t help it really😃.. we might not be hungry when you order it but we can change our mind innit?😒 Or when we are at restaurant and we pick off from your food, we just know it’s love naw .. i grew up watching my mom take food from my dads plate so tradition continues…. on another note, Martin writes well.. for a ‘busy’ man, it’s refreshing to know you find time for your wife’s website… keep it up 👍🏽

  8. My ex would just buy extra of the same thing because he knew I would always eat it anyways. And if I didn’t he always had extra for later. I guess for me it’s a form of endearment. If I don’t like you I’m not gonna put my hands in your food (ask my dad! Lol). This is nothing! As your children grow they will be join that band wagon too… wifey and kids will all eat off your plate. So just order/ buy/ dish enough for you and your family.

  9. Kudos, you’re being very supportive. I can relate to that story. Hahaha, by Bae is still Bae, always munching on each other’s food when we have to eat out. Well, at home not much of a choice. We always eat together. I’m usually fast on the meats, and chicken and well, he stops to give me that grin. Wasn’t lucky one day when he had to devour the grilled tilapia I had taken my time to make on a Saturday afternoon when we both were eating. I grinned so bad and he laughed so hard that I ended up laughing. Is always cool like that.

  10. I am a man and honestly I dislike it when my girlfriend does this. Even after I get her the same meal, she still wants to have a bite of mine. Ladies, as you have been told, we don’t like it. Just stop!

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