“Don’t Be A Hero. Take the Meds” – One mother’s Pregnancy Experience

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What your journey to becoming pregnant? Was it easy?

It was a surprise pregnancy and it was a relatively easy one with no complications. I spent most of the 9 months in nesting mode, getting a business started and getting my home ready for the baby’s arrival.

Did you deliver on your expected due date? Which hospital did you use and what did you think of their services?

I delivered 2 weeks past due date with the help of acupressure at Bethel Clinic in Tema. Bethel Clinic was okay. In retrospect, I wish they would have done more coaching so I could have perhaps avoided an emergency C-section.

What was your birth plan and did it go according to plan on the D-day?

My birthing plan was to go all natural. What was I thinking? It ended with an emergency C-section.

What was the birthing experience like?

After an evening of acupressure, my water broke a little after midnight. I went back to bed and woke up to mild contractions which quickly became stronger and more frequent. I was in hospital by 7 or 8 am. I was dilated up to 8 cm without any aids as planned- just lil’ ol’ me and pain in all its glory!  I stayed at 8cm for a couple of hours lying in fetal position for the most part (I believe this was the cause for my cervix swelling which led to a C-section). Around 11:30 am the doctor advised me to do an emergency C-section because I was no longer dilating and my cervix was swollen

What fears did you have during labour?

That this couldn’t end soon enough!

When you saw your baby for the first time, did you have any specific emotions?

I did. Fierce love. Shock. Amazement. I made that? Panic.

What are some of things you didn’t know about labour that you ended up finding out the hard way.

Don’t be a hero – take the meds. Natural? But why? Don’t lie in the foetal position. Move around.

What was the most challenging thing you experienced during the whole process of pregnancy, birthing, and the aftermath?

Breastfeeding, engorged breasts, and bleeding nipples. They were a nightmare.

Do you have any tips for expecting mothers?

If you don’t have Jesus in your life, now is a good time. Don’t proceed without Him


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