DOD: Did you suffer from dysmenorrhea (menstrual pains) before birth and did it stop after you gave birth? 

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​Question:Good morning, Please is there anyone here who suffered dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) before birth, did it stop after child birth or are you still experiencing it?
Comment 1 : 🙋🏼…it has improved tremendously…now all I use is a hot water bottle and then I’m good to go. But before childbirth I was that girl in school who was admitted to the sick bay once a month every month because of menstrual pain…THAT bad!
Comment 2 : Same. Used to leave the office and go home because of the pain. But none after.

Comment 3 : Same here. I don’t get any menstrual pains at all since having my 2 boys. I was the teenager in high school who had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance 😅😂🤣
Comment 4 : Only God knows the number of gynecologist I have been to. My only hope is it wld go after birth. 
Comment 5 : With my first child i felt severe pains for the first two months and it changed to mild cramps which i still feel after 2 children. 

COMMENT 6 : Mine stopped for a while. It’s back though but not as severe as it was before. 

COMMNET 7 : But you do ovulate right? When I was on the implanon I hardly had my period but I was ovulating all right. I took it as an added bonus. 

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