Discussion of the day: What do you do if your baby won’t drink formula?

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Our Whatsapp group is quite active during the week. One of the topics that came up recently was babies who would not take formula after exclusive breastfeeding. Do babies get used to breast milk so much that they are unwilling to try another milk? What does one do in a case like that? My daughter refused to try any bottle and so I had to switch to spoon feeding her cereal with milk straight from the breasts.😳

Here’s what was said:

Lead comment:
My baby won’t drink formula milk. I’ve tried all the brands. Nada! Only breast milk and I’m not a big person and I’m afraid my breasts will vanish cos chale after breast feeding goals is important.. Now I regret going exclusive with her.


Comment 1: Went thru the same and with my baby and being preterm i gave in but eventually i had Enfamil and similar (the already prepared ones) sent to me from Canada turns out she preferred that to the powder formula


Comment 2: How old is she though? Maybe there are other foods she can try for now. Give her some time off and then introduce the milk again. Until then let her enjoy the breast milk. Had the same problem with my son. I stopped bothering him and kept him on breast milk and other purees until he was ready for formula


Comment 3: Try Nanny Care goats milk formula. (Google the brand) It’s great for babies who react negatively to cow products. Goat’s and coconut milk are the closest to mothers’s breast milk. All cow based formulas produces mucus and allergies. Cow’s milk products is one of the worst things to feed to your baby.


Comment 4 : That’s the smartest thing I ever heard! The way I suffered! Up till now Tess won’t even drink cow milk on its own. I had the same problem. I did exclusive for 6 months and continued breastfeeding till she was a year. She never took the bottle or formula. Hmm. She’s even allergic. Any milk she won’t take


Comment 5 : I told you I gave Anela and Aiden both bottles for the first feed and I gave one bottle of formula everyday other than bm


Comment 6 : I started giving my baby bottle from day one… he got to 3 months and decided he didn’t want the bottle anymore- he’d rather starve… but I’m still home so I’m not bothered


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3 thoughts on “Discussion of the day: What do you do if your baby won’t drink formula?

  1. Hmm this one is really a difficult one. My son refused to take any kind of milk breast fed for two years. My daughter started well , she hated breast milk and only wanted formulae then she had sinus issues and the dr adviced to try breast milk to heal her , she started breastfeeding and then refused to take any formulae even the already made ones . Breastfed for a year and half.i I don’t think am going to breastfeed anymore when I have another baby , I ended up having severe migraine issues and I already had spinal issues before having my babies it only got worse .

  2. The pressure on mother’s to exclusively Breast feed is soo darn ridiculous (yes coming from the other post about the mother who had cracked nipples)
    this pressure has killed babies and rendered some brain dead ..
    I didn’t realize how telling this pressure was till I had my daughter exactly 3weeks to today..
    My daughter has simply refused to suck from Breast, I have done everything imaginable, this girl says nay!
    Therefore I have to express and bottle feed, the Breast milk ain’t enough so I have to supplement with Nan 1 and she is well fed and everyone is happy.
    Then you have people who haven’t even carried pregnancy for 5weeks tell you ‘you must exclusively Breast feed oo, at all cost.. Don’t be lazy.. Excuse me? Do you have the interest of my baby at heart more than I do?
    I have a tough skin but imagine a first time mother who doesn’t have such girth, she would break down with all the pressure..
    As my pediatrician would say : if it won’t kill her, close your mind and do you! That’s why I love Dr. Kwashie..
    Ok rant over.. Bye

    1. The pressure is too much! I’m glad you have tough skin. It can be draining at times. Don’t be lazy comment person deserves a dirty slap! Mtcheew 😂😂 well done mama for doing what’s best for baby and you!

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