Discussion of the day : Is an attractive house help a good idea? 

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As a married woman is it a good idea to hire a good looking female Househelp?         

If  your husband sleeps with the help is it your fault or can we blame him for being untrustworthy? 

Comment 1. If a husband is sleeping with a house help the house help is not the problem

Comment  2:  A particular guy has been shagging his house help for years now.. Madam is busy playing madam role so she doesn’t have eyes to see.. You know care givers turn to feel more important when they have something going with the boss but this one, No! She’s ever faithful and loyal to her madam and the three are living happily ever after. I don’t know them personally but I wish I could let the woman know paaa. According to the guy, he can’t stop cos house help is too sweet..

Comment 3: Wow, I don’t even know what to say. She probably knows and is overlooking it. There’s no way you won’t know. The signs are always there.

Comment 4: Some people too are not selective enough. You can’t be hiring a househelp with hips bigger than yours, she’s finer than you, or you know your husband likes breasts then you hire help with big breasts. Not to say that’s the reason for it happening but just don’t bring temptation into your home.

Comment 5: Not overlooking per say, but you know when you might see a stare for too long but you shrug it off. Or she’ll see them touch while passing a fork to him, and is like no that’s impossible. There are always signs.  Later on when the truth comes out (always has a way of coming out) she’ll kick herself because she saw it but shrugged it off

Comment 6: Also why do you need to be selective of your house helps looks be selective of your husbands and no need to worry about that


Comment 7: You have a point. But still. I can’t have Kim Kardashian walking around here

Comment 8: As much as you may not like someone like Kim k for argument sake. If she’s serving you food, caring for your children, attending to you while your wife is busy at work. Hmm .I agree cheating can happen anywhere but this one dieh you are asking for it. Why why why would you do that

 Comment 9: Well my husband knows his life is over if he messes around. I’ll probably blend his “mini me” into a smoothie and feed it to him and his ashawo side chick

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12 thoughts on “Discussion of the day : Is an attractive house help a good idea? 

  1. There will always be two sides to the argument, however I believe if she can do the job why not but she better not be prettier or more attractive than me. Lol. I believe no matter how attractive or unattractive the house help is as a wife and mother you have to ensure you are playing your role well and not handling your responsibilities to her. If your husband has a wandering eye then I beg take the most unattractive so you do not lead him to temptation.

  2. Well, for me, the first thing will be to get rid of the maid because if she so much loves me, she should have reported the matter early enough. It just won’t be wise to let my maid destroy my home, unless my husband is ready to choose the maid. And I know there’s no man in his right senses that will choose his maid and reject his wife and children, unless something is wrong somewhere.

    So, send the maid away, then confront your husband. And if he refuses to apologise, then you can decide for yourself whether he’s worth all the trouble.

  3. It is absolutely important to be mindful of who you allow into your home. As humans it is in our nature to desire relationship with others. As men and women attraction towards people other than our spouse is not a sin, in fact it’s very natural. The problem lies when we do not take steps to protect ourselves and our spouse. If there is a male/female close to or around you it is important to put separation between you and this person because attraction can turn into something else. You don’t put yourself in the lions den and hope you don’t get bit. It is a lion after all. It’s in our nature as humans to be attracted to what we find beautiful or appealing and if this thing is a threat to our marriage then we must remove that threat and that might mean getting rid of the house help.

  4. The attraction may not precisely play factor in whatever happens between her and the Man of the house. I think the lack of attention or the theory of some men chasing anything in skirt will drive him to a house help arms attractive or not

    1. What he said! Totally agree with this point! Attractive or not! Know thy husband… some men will sleep with a woman regardless of her looks and regardless of how happy he is or isn’t with his wife.

  5. This should not even be debatable.. The househelp does not owe you loyalty, she did not take vows infront of family and friends and before God, you and your husband did! he owes you a responsibility!!
    A wandering penis does not know a beauty or ugly face,they just want to stick it anyhwhere! Just admit you married a dog, a male prostitute who has absolutely no shame or doesnt respect the sanctity of marriage..
    It is very sad as women in 2017, we still treat men as babies who cant control themselves so we cant make decisions because of course my husband might end up sleeping with her..
    funny, you guys havent seen or heard the cases whereby the househelp was unkempt, straight from the village , no sense of style yet the husband enjoyed the honeypot immensely..

  6. Ok guys, on a serious note.. what happened to the fat & old maids/nannies from back in the days with their berets, overalls and uniforms?! I don’t think women back then experienced this problem as much as now. But then again, it is a situation that can be avoided.. not by hiring an unattractive maid though, because trust me, that won’t help either.

    Not trying to put all the maids under one umbrella, because on a real, God bless them; they cook, clean, do the laundry, care for the kids. Some even know our deepest secrets. Without them some families would be in chaos.

    I honestly think to try and avoid this situation, there are a few things we might want to pay attention to like:
    – Take your time and be careful before hiring. Look at the overall picture, because you don’t want to bring competition home.
    – don’t become lazy, because you now have a maid to do all the work for you. You’re the leader and lady of the house.. Maintain your position!
    – know your husband’s weakness. If he’s a sucker for the ‘PHAT A**’ hire a maid with a flat derrière.
    – be kind to your maid and appreciate her. If you decide to give her a hard time and come across unappreciative, your husband might sympathize and comfort her. And we all know where that can lead to..
    – and last but not least, to make sure you don’t experience this scenario at all: JUST GET YOURSELF A HOUSE BOY! LOL!!

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