Everything Baby is an essential information source for parenting. We provide information about where to find everything from children’s recreational activities to schools and medical centres in Ghana. Other services we provide include baby showers and baby room decor and design.

Everything Baby is by parents, for parents and potential parents. Our site was initially borne out of the need for information and a guide about raising children in Ghana. However, there is no specifically correct way to raise children. People come from different backgrounds, have different values, and face different challenges as parents. Equally significant is the fact that in many African societies, certain experiences or challenges about having and raising children are not openly discussed because they are considered shameful or unnatural. In response to this, Everything Baby is a global platform for fathers, mothers, and potential parents to share stories that educate and support each other. We may never be perfect parents, but we can be try to be great parents, raising children in a loving family structure despite varying societal factors.

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