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Hello Parents! So summer vacation is almost here and I believe you are wondering…..”What activities and camps can the kids get into this year?” Well we are here to the rescue as we have put together a list of great camps and activity programmes for your kids. Let them channel all their adrenalin and curious minds to programmes that will leave them recreated and psyched up for the new academic year. These camps and activities have been selected based on recommendations by parents and childminders. Our selection ranges from Science, Music, Crafts, french and some of the summer camps even offer Field Trips! We are spoilt for choice! We will keep updating this list as and when we get more […]

Everythingbaby Mama’s Day Out in pictures

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Mom, a title above Queen! Thank you to all the moms who came out to support the Everythingbaby Mamas Day Out! You are a superhero! To make this day possible we reached out to some of our favorite people. @capturegh who support us in everything we do! Thank you for truly capturing our moment in pictures. We love you guys! @whiskandbakegh your cakes and desserts were spectacular! Thank you for the gorgeous sweets table that had us all running back for more! We look forward to ordering all our kids and family birthday cakes from you and well there might be a few mommy deserves some cake orders too! Also a big thank you to @dzidzis_spa for treating our moms […]

Breastfeeding as a First Time Mother – Sheena Schwartz

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When my son was 1 week old I started going to a support group called La Leche League (LLL) and talked to other women who were in the same position as me – struggling with breastfeeding. Any issue you can think of, someone there was going through it – inverted nipples, cracked sore nipples, painful latch, low supply.  Just going back to the group each week and discussing my pain and struggles gave me the strength I needed to make it through to the next week.  I had developed a bleb on my right nipple. It basically looks like a pimple on your nipple. (Talk about painful!) Our LLL leader suggested pumping on that nipple and nursing on the other while […]

30 Questions to Investigate Your Child’s Beliefs

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How many times have you looked into your child’s eyes and said “I love you”? How many times have you watched your child disappear behind those big school doors and thought to yourself, ‘I hope they will survive the challenges that life has in store for them’? How many times have you cuddled your child to sleep, hoping he or she will have a happy and purposeful life lived to their full potential? I am convinced the answer is an infinite number of times! But what gives us permission to make those choices that allow us to live life passionately or indifferently, purposefully or without direction, actively or inactively? What gives us permission to make the choices that allow us […]


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Postpartum depression What does it feel like to have postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety?  What are the signs or symptoms? How do you know when you have it? And if you do have it, what should you do? POSTPARTUM   DEPRESSION Postpartum depression is a serious issue for many mothers. The birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. However, it can also result in something you might not expect — depression.  Postpartum depression may be mistaken for baby blues at first, but the signs and symptoms are more intense and last longer, eventually interfering with your ability to care for your baby and handle other daily tasks. Symptoms usually […]

Boost Your Child’s Confidence in the F Word – These 10 Ways

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Veronica Owusu-Byczkowska I had my share of struggles with the F word. Fortunately, time and experience open your eyes. I have come to understand the hidden beauty and necessity of this very little understood expression. But what if your child too is struggling with talk of the F word? F for FAILURE. As a parent, that raises my concern. “Argh! Mummy! I can’t tie my shoelaces! I can’t!” “Mum, I hate Maths!. I couldn’t answer the questions the teacher asked me!” “My project wasn’t accepted, I can’t do anything right!” “I didn’t make it into the football team.” “Mum, somebody stole my bike from the playground!!!” Are these few examples of our children’s misfortunes and frustrations signs of being a […]

Being Part of the Multikids Family – Rebekah Mate-Kole Rampe

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela I’ve been interning at Multikids Foundation for the past three months. Coming into it, I didn’t realise how much it would impact my life and how I would immediately fall in love with the work they do. I have never been happier waking up and going to work, knowing it was all for something bigger than myself. Multikids Inclusive Academy is a little school in East Legon. The school is 6 years old. What makes Multikids unique is that it is Ghana’s first and only fully inclusive school, offering mainstream education as well as special education. Multikids combines specialist creative, academic and vocational teaching […]

My First Birthing Experience: Recollections of an Outwardly Composed but Secretly Traumatized Father – Martin Beeko

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The Surprise Sleepover The day started harmlessly enough. With about 4 days to go before our baby was 40 weeks, we went in for a regular check up only to be told by the doctor that my wife’s amniotic fluid was a little low and could be leaking. He wanted to play it safe and induce labor so we had to go home, prep and return to the hospital. The first induction process was not bad, but the second one got real, really fast. My wife went from pacing up and down with slight moans to screaming, crouching and generally not knowing what to do with herself. Meanwhile, all I could do was hold her while she looked into my […]

Penis growing inside my stomach ! My 2nd delivery experience – CHRISTAL BEEKO

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Yaaaayyyy I was pregnant again! Noooo I had to endure morning sickness again and the entire pregnancy journey is just not my thing. I don’t even have it bad and I get depressed just thinking about it. I mean who wants to feel sick 4 months straight! That taste in your mouth and just being tired ALL the time is just not my cup of tea. Fast forward through that depression to 16 weeks when I found out it was a boy!! Now all of a sudden there’s new excitement. I have a penis growing inside my stomach! Yikes! Lol no I don’t feel the actual penis in my stomach but there’s just this excitement about having a BOY! With […]