Let’s review Valentine’s Day – Martin Beeko 

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Valentine’s Day! It is a day reserved and known throughout the world as one to celebrate and express the love one shares with “that special someone”. For the purpose of this article, we’ll exclude the ones for family and friends. As a current father of two, Valentine’s Day has had the same definition, but has meant something new at different phases in my life. Preadolescence to Adolescence Growing up, we learnt at a fairly early age to recognize Valentine’s Day. In middle school, Valentine’s Day at our house usually had my younger brother and me competing to see who could get the most Valentine’s Day cards from girls at school. My brother and I are five years apart, so he […]

No Time for an Elaborate Valentine’s Day? Try These Tips for Busy Parents

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Today is Valentine’s Day. For many married couples this could end up as an ordinary day because of the endless routines and chores to be accomplished. Many parents will still have kids to take care of and a couple of house chores to do.  Yet it will be important to consider making that day a special one for your husband/ wife. So if you are looking for some quick and easy tips for a last-minute Valentine plan, here are some suggestions. Breakfast in bed is a classic romantic gesture. If your partner doesn’t like eating in bed, just popping out of bed before them and having it ready by the time they get up is a kind act. If they […]

Raising a Child in Ghana – Raul de Diego Brako, 35, Father of 1 

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What is it like raising a child in Ghana? It has its ups and its downs, but I think it is the ideal place to raise a child. She wakes up to sunshine almost every day. We are fortunate to have assistance from house helps or nannies. The cost of a good nursery or day care is also reasonable compared to the US for example where a lot of people can’t afford this, and so people have to make the decision to stay home instead of work. Also, contrary to what many people think, there are a lot of things to do in Ghana for kids if you look hard enough. What activities do you enroll your child in and […]

Marriage: Any man who decides to enter the institution of marriage has the following to bear in mind: – Martin Beeko

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“Grow up, I need a more mature man!!” This is one of the many statements often heard in relationships over the topic of…marriage. In a committed relationship, the natural progression towards marriage is expected and understood by men, however, the logistics involved are often the deterring factor towards the bond of holy matrimony. Men are often accused of having a phobia of marriage. Although this may be true in some cases, it is quite incorrect to associate it to all men. Marriage in its purest form is a very serious step, one that should not be underestimated by either gender. In a marriage both husband and wife are responsible for one another and being responsible for another person is not […]