30 Questions to Investigate Your Child’s Beliefs

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How many times have you looked into your child’s eyes and said “I love you”? How many times have you watched your child disappear behind those big school doors and thought to yourself, ‘I hope they will survive the challenges that life has in store for them’? How many times have you cuddled your child to sleep, hoping he or she will have a happy and purposeful life lived to their full potential? I am convinced the answer is an infinite number of times! But what gives us permission to make those choices that allow us to live life passionately or indifferently, purposefully or without direction, actively or inactively? What gives us permission to make the choices that allow us […]

Eating off my plate – Martin Beeko

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Ladies, let me talk to you for a minute. You know we (your husbands, fiancées, boyfriends) love you, but I want to address one troubling issue that I’m sure most men can relate to. Let’s start by painting a picture. Me: Behbeh, I’m ordering some food. What would you like? Her: I’m not hungry. I don’t want anything. The confirmation has been made very clear. Only one of us will be eating this food. I order my food and I am mentally rubbing my hands together in anticipation of my meal. I have made plans for this meal. I intend to enjoy every single bite of it myself since I have been informed that this will be a meal for […]

Five year marriage reflection by Martin Beeko

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Who would have thought, the girl I found to be incredibly loud and seemingly incapable of sitting still would become my wife. We met approximately 20 years ago and and the first impression I had of her was not a good one. In hind sight, the situation may have been exacerbated by my frustration on losing a basketball game I had just been ejected from moments before she made her appearance.   I was sitting on the picnic bench in school fuming over losing a basketball game and out she comes screaming at the top of her lungs just running out of the washroom with her friends. The high pitched laughter was followed by a dagger Iike stare from me […]

Family time at The Urbanbox Farmers Market, Mmfora Park Dzorwulu 

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The Farmers Market Last week I stumbled on this wonderful family event with Tess. The urbanbox farmers market! Not only was it located at one of my all time favorite Mmfora park (possibly the only kids park in Ghana) but also served delicious crepes for breakfast! Have you ever tried a prawn crepe? Oh my it’s orgasmic! I got some shopping done, met up with friends over breakfast and Tess had a blast running all around the park playing games.  The Urbanbox, – “buy local, eat fresh” Owned by a lovely and inspiring Ghanaian  and Ivorian couple, The Urbanbox  is an online grocery store aiming to bridge the gap between local farmers and the metropolis consumer; you and me! Everything is […]

QOD Baby Sleep Training

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We have a very active parents Whatsapp group discussing all sorts of topics daily. Expect different topics in our question of the day all derived from our Whatsapp group.  Question: Hi Mummys, I hv a 10 month old who won’t sleep through the night. He wakes up about 3 times n goes bk to bed on the breast. I’m trying to wean him off bm but he doesn’t drink from bottle no matter what we tried. So the issue is, if I succeed at weaning him, what does He drink when he wakes up at night? A few things to consider:  1. You can teach your baby the difference between day and night. For the first few days you won’t […]

The Baby Shower 

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Photos by Capture Gh  Aww seeing these pics makes me want to do it all over again. It was a beautiful babyshower brunch organized by a few of my closest friends. They had planned a photoshoot with capture early in the morning then we all had brunch together on Labadi’s terrace. It was exactly what I needed for the home run of this pregnancy. God bless my awesome friends who put this together for me!  Details:  Guests were asked to come in maxi or Kaftan dresses.  Photoshoot with capture  Games and activities  Winners  Pics from our phones (unfiltered)

My maternity shoot by Capture 

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Photographer : Capture  Makeup : Impressions by Eli  Hair : Red Ginger for hair  Location: Labadi beach hotel  On the day of my baby shower for my son, my friends decided to plan a maternity photoshoot for me! I was very excited and so I had a blast with it. I’m very excited  to be sharing these gorgeous pics taken by Capture! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. A big thank you to my girls who thought of this and to the team who made me look wonderful despite how exhausted I was. Capture, you’re the best!   Behind the scenes 

Boost Your Child’s Confidence in the F Word – These 10 Ways

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Veronica Owusu-Byczkowska I had my share of struggles with the F word. Fortunately, time and experience open your eyes. I have come to understand the hidden beauty and necessity of this very little understood expression. But what if your child too is struggling with talk of the F word? F for FAILURE. As a parent, that raises my concern. “Argh! Mummy! I can’t tie my shoelaces! I can’t!” “Mum, I hate Maths!. I couldn’t answer the questions the teacher asked me!” “My project wasn’t accepted, I can’t do anything right!” “I didn’t make it into the football team.” “Mum, somebody stole my bike from the playground!!!” Are these few examples of our children’s misfortunes and frustrations signs of being a […]

Discussion of the day : Is an attractive house help a good idea? 

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As a married woman is it a good idea to hire a good looking female Househelp?          If  your husband sleeps with the help is it your fault or can we blame him for being untrustworthy?  Comment 1. If a husband is sleeping with a house help the house help is not the problem Comment  2:  A particular guy has been shagging his house help for years now.. Madam is busy playing madam role so she doesn’t have eyes to see.. You know care givers turn to feel more important when they have something going with the boss but this one, No! She’s ever faithful and loyal to her madam and the three are living happily ever […]