Discussion of the day: What do you do if your baby won’t drink formula?

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Our Whatsapp group is quite active during the week. One of the topics that came up recently was babies who would not take formula after exclusive breastfeeding. Do babies get used to breast milk so much that they are unwilling to try another milk? What does one do in a case like that? My daughter refused to try any bottle and so I had to switch to spoon feeding her cereal with milk straight from the breasts.😳 Here’s what was said: Lead comment: My baby won’t drink formula milk. I’ve tried all the brands. Nada! Only breast milk and I’m not a big person and I’m afraid my breasts will vanish cos chale after breast feeding goals is important.. Now […]

Discussion of the day : Is an attractive house help a good idea? 

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As a married woman is it a good idea to hire a good looking female Househelp?          If  your husband sleeps with the help is it your fault or can we blame him for being untrustworthy?  Comment 1. If a husband is sleeping with a house help the house help is not the problem Comment  2:  A particular guy has been shagging his house help for years now.. Madam is busy playing madam role so she doesn’t have eyes to see.. You know care givers turn to feel more important when they have something going with the boss but this one, No! She’s ever faithful and loyal to her madam and the three are living happily ever […]