A Day in the life of Learning Skills

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A Day in the life of Learning Skills

At Learning Skills International School, our mission is to “Prepare children for tomorrow’s world.” While that sounds inspirational, you’re probably asking yourself, “What does that actually mean?”

There are several ways that we prepare our children: student centered classrooms, a modern curriculum and devoted teachers. However, the best way to truly answer that question is to give you a glimpse of what a day in the life of Learning Skills looks like.

Morning Meetings with our kids


Before classes start every day, we have a meeting at 8am to just talk and reconnect with our kids. We discuss everything from current affairs and politics to their feelings and their homework. This exercise is critical for us because we’re not just building a bond with our children, we’re expanding their mind.

Dr. Young, the director of Learning Skills, always says about our pupils, “Don’t see them as kids.” By this, she means that we should see our kids as young people who can think, reflect and form their own opinions. This allows us to encourage them, challenge them and help them cultivate a curiosity for the world around them.

As a result, our kids grow in confidence as they share their thoughts and learn to think critically about the world.


A fun, hands-on approach to learning


Once the morning meeting is over, we jump right into the core subjects: Maths, Science, French and so on. Yet, what makes our approach to education different is that we ascribe to a style of teaching known as Active Learning.

Active learning is a fun, hands on approach to education that nurtures children’s talents to bring out the best in them. It’s a more holistic approach that engages their head (ability to think), hand (ability to participate) and heart (their interest). Having small classes allows us to give every child the attention they need and ensure that every child is engaged in the lesson.

Ultimately, Active Learning is instrumental in helping us groom kids who grow to love learning, no matter the subject.


Nurturing creativity in our kids

One of the buzzwords that everyone is talking about is “innovation.” People, however, rarely speak about the building of blocks of innovative thinking. We believe creativity plays a significant role in helping people become innovative which is why we dedicate the latter part of the day to more creative subjects.

The highlight of the our creative courses is the robotics program that do we in the innovation lab. They learn how to program, study transistors, and build miniature robots of their own in the innovation lab. More than that, the innovation lab is a space where our kids have the freedom to express their inner creativity.

By giving our kids the freedom to be imaginative, we are raising kids who are creative thinkers and who could one day be innovators that make an impact.

If you think Learning Skills International School sounds like a good fit for you and your child, then don’t hesitate to visit us. We have a campus at Osu and Adjiringanor. Just call us at 0265903139 or 0269336004 to get directions or to learn more about the school. You can also sign up here if you want us to contact you.

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