Meet our guest expert on kids, parenting and family- Veronica Owusu

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I’m excited and honored to introduce to you our guest expert on kids, parenting and family for EverythingBabyandMore. Veronica Owusu is a blogger and speaker  The Gold Mine Treasure,  a teacher, a writer, life coach, motivational speaker, and a mom! A mom of a 2 year old! Yes amongst the other things that makes me very happy because she can understand when we say “my child says she can’t wear her socks when I know she can, how can I encourage her?” Veronica usually writes motivational/inspirational articles about finding happiness in the NOW, Enlightenment, Self-Awareness, Consciousness and most importantly, the Law of Belief and eliminating Limiting Beliefs and replacing them with Empowering Beliefs in order to create a reality of […]

My maternity shoot by Capture 

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Photographer : Capture  Makeup : Impressions by Eli  Hair : Red Ginger for hair  Location: Labadi beach hotel  On the day of my baby shower for my son, my friends decided to plan a maternity photoshoot for me! I was very excited and so I had a blast with it. I’m very excited  to be sharing these gorgeous pics taken by Capture! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. A big thank you to my girls who thought of this and to the team who made me look wonderful despite how exhausted I was. Capture, you’re the best!   Behind the scenes 

Discussion of the day: What are your thoughts on spanking your kids?

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Spare the rod and spoil the child is an adage that appears in the Bible (Proverbs 13:24). What does this mean to you? What is acceptable and what is not? Some of us grew up being spanked as kids. Some claim it made them stronger and others have chosen new age methods. What other methods can we use to discipline our kids?   Comments from @everythingbaby whatsapp forum: Comment 1 :  I spank mine cos sometimes they misbehave intentionally. Comment  2 : It’s just important to be calm. And not do it out of anger Comment 3:  U’re the same person who will feel sad by their tears and have to treat them if they get hurt. It’s always good […]

Boost Your Child’s Confidence in the F Word – These 10 Ways

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Veronica Owusu-Byczkowska I had my share of struggles with the F word. Fortunately, time and experience open your eyes. I have come to understand the hidden beauty and necessity of this very little understood expression. But what if your child too is struggling with talk of the F word? F for FAILURE. As a parent, that raises my concern. “Argh! Mummy! I can’t tie my shoelaces! I can’t!” “Mum, I hate Maths!. I couldn’t answer the questions the teacher asked me!” “My project wasn’t accepted, I can’t do anything right!” “I didn’t make it into the football team.” “Mum, somebody stole my bike from the playground!!!” Are these few examples of our children’s misfortunes and frustrations signs of being a […]

Discussion of the day : Is an attractive house help a good idea? 

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As a married woman is it a good idea to hire a good looking female Househelp?          If  your husband sleeps with the help is it your fault or can we blame him for being untrustworthy?  Comment 1. If a husband is sleeping with a house help the house help is not the problem Comment  2:  A particular guy has been shagging his house help for years now.. Madam is busy playing madam role so she doesn’t have eyes to see.. You know care givers turn to feel more important when they have something going with the boss but this one, No! She’s ever faithful and loyal to her madam and the three are living happily ever […]

Let’s review Valentine’s Day – Martin Beeko 

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Valentine’s Day! It is a day reserved and known throughout the world as one to celebrate and express the love one shares with “that special someone”. For the purpose of this article, we’ll exclude the ones for family and friends. As a current father of two, Valentine’s Day has had the same definition, but has meant something new at different phases in my life. Preadolescence to Adolescence Growing up, we learnt at a fairly early age to recognize Valentine’s Day. In middle school, Valentine’s Day at our house usually had my younger brother and me competing to see who could get the most Valentine’s Day cards from girls at school. My brother and I are five years apart, so he […]

My First Birthing Experience – Peter Osei, father of 2

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After waiting for nine months, the day finally came. However, before the day arrived, we went through a very painful experience. My wife did not throw up like most women, but she developed Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) during her second trimester. The pain was so severe that she could only sleep (if at all) upright on a sofa. So for 5 months she didn’t sleep on a bed.  Her hip would snap every time she tried to get up from bed. The sound of the snap was so loud that it sometimes actually woke me up from sleep. Delivery day came on a normal Sunday. We were resting up for delivery day on Wednesday. We knew because it was a scheduled C-section. […]

Being Part of the Multikids Family – Rebekah Mate-Kole Rampe

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela I’ve been interning at Multikids Foundation for the past three months. Coming into it, I didn’t realise how much it would impact my life and how I would immediately fall in love with the work they do. I have never been happier waking up and going to work, knowing it was all for something bigger than myself. Multikids Inclusive Academy is a little school in East Legon. The school is 6 years old. What makes Multikids unique is that it is Ghana’s first and only fully inclusive school, offering mainstream education as well as special education. Multikids combines specialist creative, academic and vocational teaching […]

My First Birthing Experience – Efua’s Story

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Name: Efua Age: 28 Number of kids: 1 Hospital & country of delivery: North York General Hospital, Toronto-Canada What your journey to becoming pregnant? Was it easy? Ha! When my husband and I were trying to get pregnant the journey seemed tough, but looking back I would say it was not that bad. I guess it just didn’t happen as quickly as we thought it would. You grow up hearing that as soon as you have unprotected sex you can get pregnant… so fast forward to June 2015 when after 6 months of marriage we decided we were ready to start trying. I was traveling in August that year, so we decided to start after my trip and of course […]